About Us

About Us

A very large part of providing consistent quality is experience. Nico Orgo has been in the nicotine business since 1979! We've been manfacturing Nicotine since before the first e-cigs were even conceived.

A non-stop search for excellence, and an obession with quality has led us a very refined manufacturing process, that ensure top-quality, consistent Nicotine in every single batch.

Constant improvement has meant that we know manufacture our Nicotine in a brand spanking new GMP GRADE facility, where we manufacture pharmacutical level Nicotine.

Our facility has been inspected and approved by the FDA.

Nico Vaper

We make our own 99.99% pure Nicotine entirely from scratch in India. Our nicotine is made with finest quality high-strength Tobacco sourced from the rolling plains of india's tobacco heartland - Gujarat.

Our PG and VG is food grade, FDA approved.

We do not use any Diacetyl in our flavours.

We can offer you the base materials, and the know-how, for creating you own e-cigarette or any other Tobacco Harm Reduction device. We offer tailor-made nicotine for each and evcery delivery mechanism there is, and can offer any flower or colour you choose.

What We Offer

Made To Order

Catalog with exclusive e-flavours and e-liquids with superior taste

Design To Order

Tailor-made e-flavours and e-liquids


Highest quality based on a food-grade manuficturing standers in Germany


> 1000 tones



Minimum Order Quantity

e-liquids starting from 1kg. and e-flavors from 1kg.

Bin Size

minimum 1kg.

Delivery Time

Fast response, shiiping within days

Best Prices